Who we are

GreenWorks Asia (GWA) is a private company providing comprehensive sustainability services, ranging from environmental and social risk assessment to business planning and project finance advisory services. GWA advises public and private sector stakeholders in key sectors such as Renewable Energy, Agriculture and Land-Use, Infrastructure and Climate Finance. GWA consists of experienced advisors, finance professionals and technical experts with emerging markets focus and climate change, energy, and business economics.

GWA is affiliated with a leading Indonesian consultancy firm, Arghajata Alliance. Arghajata Alliance is a network of firms providing integrated services in the areas of management-consulting, corporate finance advisory and assurance & accounting. In relevance to GWA, Arghajata has developed extensive expertise and experience in the palm oil industry and transport infrastructure.

What We Do

  • Climate finance

    We engage in climate change policy and implementation advisory, project bankability assessment, and structured climate finance advisory through carbon credits schemes and other financial incentives.

  • Risk management

    We provide intelligence and conduct analysis on environmental and social risks relative to the operations of business, such as climate change and weather impacts on agricultural operations.

  • Renewable energy

    We assess projects and assist on funding schemes for renewable energy (geothermal, hydro, biogas, and biomass) projects as well as energy efficiency systems.

  • Ecotourism

    We engage in policy development, concept design and development of potential projects for educational and minimal environmental impact tourism.

  • Sustainable agroforestry

    We conduct studies on optimal land use for agricultural activity that is compatible with sustainable forestry.

  • Sustainable fishery

    We engage in project assessment as well as business and financial advisory in sustainable fisheries operations.