Our Projects

GWA has conducted multiple climate change/carbon reductions projects in Indonesia primarily in CDM project development and climate finance advisory. Key examples of such project are:

Carbon & Climate Change Consulting

  • Roadmap for the implementation of low carbon infrastructure financing mechanism at the Indonesian Investment Agency (PIP)

    Subcontracted to design innovative funding mechanism to channel investment through Indonesian banks towards energy efficiency and renewable investments.

  • Global environmental & social risk management program for financial institutions program for the International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Subcontracted to map environmental and social risk management policies and practices in Indonesia’s banking sector.

  • Business analysis and financial consulting on Geothermal Feed in Tariffs & Financial Incentives Fund for Meister Consultants /Dutch development bank.

    Subcontracted to provide Indonesian perspective and research for on going geothermal project in Indonesia, gauge stakeholder knowledge and capacity in understanding feed-in-tariffs and their benefits.

  • Carbon reduction potential in Indonesia research and advisory for Ministry of Finance, Norway

    Early field research on potential of implementation and barriers to clean development mechanism carbon reductions within Indonesia’s industrial sector. Produced report and recommendations on the potential of CDM project development in Indonesia. The objective was to study the current conditions, knowledge and awareness in CDM project development and advise on potential future development sectors. Completed in 2008.

  • Analysis & Calculation of Carbon Emission Reductions from Kerosene to LPG Conversion Program

    GWA Indonesia validated baseline and calculated emission reductions from the LPG Conversion program implemented by Pertamina for the Jakarta based replacement program of kerosene usage with LPG as cooking fuel, analyzed the cost and environmental benefits obtained from the program. The objective of the study was to provide Pertamina with factual & scientifically based calculations of greenhouse gas emission reductions for the conversion program undertaken by Pertamina and currently in process countrywide.

  • Mainstreaming Green Growth in Development Planning, The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) - through PwC
    1st and 2nd phase

    GWA was appointed by PWC to provide economic policy analysis and recommendations to the Global Green Growth Institute, as well as conducting extended Cost-Benefit Analysis to value the environmental and social costs and benefits of select development projects in the agro-industry, fishery, and energy sector. Study provided concrete policy recommendations to strengthen the economic attractiveness of green growth projects.
    GWA is providing advisory services to key Development agencies at national and local levels to develop Green Growth planning and monitoring tools. One of the projects that GWA taken care is Balikpapan’s Monorail Project. The aim of the project was to develop a Social Cost Benefit Analysis to value economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits. The report resulted in a detailed analysis of PPP regulatory framework in Indonesia, and policy recommendations on how to make the project bankable.

  • Central Kalimantan production-protection initiative (Climate Policy Initiative): In-depth Analysis into the business economy in Central Kalimantan
    1st and 2nd phase

    GWA Indonesia conducted a comprehensive literature review to develop baseline data on the Palm Oil Industry in Central Kalimantan. The study aimed to compile existing data on land use and companies operating in Central Kalimantan, and map issues related to the sectors’ productivity and competitiveness. The study resulted in a detailed methodology for the development of a palm oil business model analysis in Central Kalimantan. As in the next phase, GWA conducted field survey among different type of smallholders. This survey is to review which scheme works best for smallholders and how palm oil plantation could manage its land efficiently without compromising productivity.

  • United Kingdom Climate Change Unit

    GWA is providing advice to the UKCCU on the current government regulations and incentives for forestry and land-based investments and provide a basis to design a framework to address the sustainability issue in palm oil sector.

Project Development

  • Financial advisory on 145 MW build of combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant including Carbon Credit development

    A 145 MW gas power plant, comprising two gas turbine units of 50 MW each and a steam turbine of 45 MW, at Keramasan, Palembang, South Sumatra. The project uses cleaner natural gas; alternatively coal or oil-based power generation would have been installed. This project has the potential to generate carbon credits.

  • CDM Project Development PT Pertamina Refinery Division, Indonesia’s State owned Oil & Gas Enterprise

    GWA Indonesia won through a tender process and was mandated for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project Development at Pertamina Refineries that consist of flare gas recovery reductions that could be achieved.

  • Energy Efficiency & Waste to Energy Project in PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja

    This project was a cooperation between PT GreenWorksAsia, PT Rekayasa Industri and PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja to develop energy efficiency improvements and waste heat / gas to energy programs within the largest fertilizer facility in Indonesia. Carbon credits are generated thru the reduction of fugitive gases and heat and the production of renewable energy.

  • Palm oil waste management in Indonesia state-owned plantation in PTPN VI

    This project converts all palm oil mill waste to high quality organic fertilizer at PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) VI in Jambi, South Sumatera. Waste management in oil palm sector reduces the environmental impact thru the reduction of GHG, cleaning of effluent wastewater and offers sustainable agriculture options to the plantation. Project has potential to generate significant carbon credits annually.


  • Financial Advisory for Green Radio

    GWA provided advisory services on financial restructuring for Green Radio, a communications initiative on environmental awareness and community education for the rural farming community.

  • Advisory for Horticulture and Organic Agricultural Projects

    GWA provided business and financial advising on horticulture and organic agricultural projects.

  • Advisory for Sustainable Fisheries Projects

    GWA provided advisory services to ongoing sustainable fisheries projects based in Indonesia.